Sideways Through Sound :: 8:00pm 6th Apr 2022 – Ashinoa

Sideways Through Sound Spotlight Album 06-04-2022:

Ashinoa – ‘L’Orée’

Available HERE


Joys Union Group   Shimmering Surface [Boredom Euphoria]

Andy Bell   Our Last Night Together (Arthur Russel) [Single March 2022]

Ashinoa   Vermillion [L'Orée]


Large Plants   Never Seen [The Carrier]

Lamp Of The Universe   Emerald Sands [The Akashic Field]

Fuzz Meadows   You Are The Void [Orange Sunshine]


Ashinoa   Disguised In Orbit [L'Orée]

Mahogany Frog   Plague I / Plague II: Insanity [Faust]

Hawkwind   Brainstorm (Live: Hammersmith Odeon 1988) [Dreamworkers Of Time: The BBC Recordings 1985-1995]



GLOK   Dirty Hugs [Pattern Recognition]


Ashinoa   Koalibi [L'Orée]

Sunburned Hand Of The Man   Agitation Cycle [Headless]

Flying Moon In Space   Ardor feat. Kyotaro Miula (Minami Deutsch Remix) [Remix EP]


Ambassador Hazy   Afterglow [The Traveler]

Andy Bell   World Of Echo [Single March 2022]

The Laurels   Ten Thousand Years [Homecoming]


Ashinoa   Yzmenet [L'Orée]

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