Sideways Through Sound :: 8:00pm 7th Jul 2021 – The Holy Family

Sideways Through Sound Spotlight Album 07-07-2021:

The Holy Family – ‘The Holy Family’

Available HERE


Angophora   Starting [Together]

Addertongue   Moon Tunnel [Far Is Near]

The Holy Family   Inward Turning Suns [The Holy Family]


Warren Hampshire   The Falling Rain [Language Of The Birds]

PERILYMPH   Sans Savoir [Tout En Haut]

Steve Gunn   Other You [Single July 2021]


The Holy Family - David Smith - Spotlight Selections 07-07-2021  

1. The Holy Family   Wrapped in Dust [The Holy Family]

2. Terry Riley   Crucifixion Voices [Atlantis Nath]

3. PiL   Flowers Of Romance [Flowers Of Romance]

4. Tuxedomoon   The Waltz [Holy Wars]

5. Codona   Inner Organs [Codona 3]

6. Terry Riley   Remember This [Atlantis Nath]

7. The Holy Family   World You Are You Coming To [The Holy Family]


Pearl & The Oysters   Evening Sun [Flowerland]

The Seven Ups   Never Again [The Old World]

DDT   Unearthed [Freshwater]

Psychic Ills   Witchcraft Breaker (Hans-Joachim Irmler Remix) [FRKWYS Vol. 4]

The Holy Family   Chasm First & Second Part [The Holy Family]

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