Sideways Through Sound :: 8:00pm 9th Sep 2020 – Eli Winter

Sideways Through Sound Spotlight Album 09-09-2020:

Eli Winter – ‘Unbecoming’

Available HERE


HEADLAND Corner Room :: [Lost Track: New Zealand Soundtrack]

Mike Polizze Wishing Well :: [Long Lost Solace Find]

Eli Winter Maroon :: [Unbecoming]


Mark McDowell Desert Kiff :: [Rooks Return]

Rhyton Skygazing :: [Krater's Call]

Acid Mothers Temple The Wizard (edit) (Black Sabbath) :: [Split w/ Paul Kidney Experience]


Eli Winter Spotlight Selections 09-09-2020 ::

1. Eli Winter Untitled :: [Live at Rhizome 16-09-2019]

2. David Grubbs Creep Mission :: [Creep Mission]

3. Mute Duo A :: [Axially Grasp]

4. Tara Jane O’Neil A Partridge Song / The Louder / A Sparrow Song :: [In Circles]

5. Cameron Knowler I’m An Old Cowhand :: [Five Cowboy Meditations For Guitar EP]

6. Eli Winter Either I Would Become Ash (STS edit) :: [Unbecoming]


HEADLAND Belle Epoch :: [Lost Track: New Zealand Soundtrack]

H.C. McEntire River’s Jaw :: [Eno Axis]

Motorpsycho Dreams Of Fancy :: [The All Is One]


Eli Winter Dark Light :: [Unbecoming]

HEADLAND Kenny’s Song :: [Lost Track: New Zealand Soundtrack]

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