Static :: 8:00pm 23rd Nov 2017

On tonight’s “Static” program (Thursday 23rd November) …

​We’ll speak to Sydney’s swoonsome dream-pop duo NOIRE, who launch their debonair debut album “Some Kind Of Blue” this weekend …

Plus we’ll be spinning brand new music from the likes of CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG ; THE LIMIÑANAS ; TAME IMPALA ; THE ACID and more …

Interview via Soundcloud:

Full Show via Mixcloud:


BEECHWOOD   "Heroin Honey" (Alive Naturalsound)

CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG   "Sylvia Says" (Because)

SORRY   "Wished" (Domino)

THE ACID   "Marching" (Infectious/Liberator Music)

DAY WAVE and HAZEL ENGLISH   "PDA" (I Oh You/Liberator Music)

BATHS   "Human Bog" (Anticon)

NOIRE   "I Saw You At The Store" (Spunk!)

ESSAIE PAS   "Futur parlé" (DFA)

MORRISSEY   "All The Young People Must Fall In Love" (Étienne/BMG)

SAMPA THE GREAT   "Healing" (Big Dada)

HEALTH x NOLIFE   "Hard To Be A God" (Loma Vista)

THE LIMIÑANAS   "Angels and Devils" (Because)

THE RANGE   "Florida" [KENTON SLASH DEMON Remix] (Domino)

MILK TEDDY   "New York Rhapsody" (Lost & Lonesome Recording Co.)

TROPICAL FUCK STORM   "Slow Power" (TFS/Mistletone)

BORED SHORTS   "Day & Age" (

SUSAN   "Little Notes" (Volar)

CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG   "Lying With You" (Because)

TAME IMPALA   "Reality In Motion" [GUM Remix] (Modular)


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