Static :: 8:00pm 29th Jun 2017

On tonight’s “Static” program (Thursday 29th June) …

​We’ll talk to Lake Macquarie’s home-recording boffin BRIGHTNESS, who launches his tender debut album “Teething” at the Botany View tomorrow …

Plus we’ll be spinning brand new music from the likes of TERRY ; MOGWAI ; THE RANGE ; ALEX CAMERON (From SEEKAE) and more …

Interview via Soundcloud:

Full Show via Mixcloud:


ALGIERS   "Cry Of The Martyrs" (Matador/Remote Control)

TERRY   "Rio" (Upset The Rhythm)

TURTLENECKED   "Tummy" (Good Cheer)

THE RANGE   "New Lots" (Domino)

ALEX CAMERON   "Candy May" (Secretly Canadian)

RIDE   "Impermanence" (Wichita/[PIAS])

BRIGHTNESS   "Holy John" (I Oh You)

HERCULES & LOVE AFFAIR featuring SHARON VAN ETTEN   "Omnion" (Beat Big)

GRIZZLY BEAR   "Four Cypresses" (RCA)

SONGHOY BLUES featuring IGGY POP   "Sahara" (Transgressive/[PIAS])

JACUZZI BOYS   "Can't Fight Forever" [LE SPAM Remix] (Mag Mag)

COSMONAUTS   "Summertime Blues" (Amazon)

POOLSIDE   "Strange Overtones" (Poolside Music)

WAND   "Plum" (Drag City)

PARTY DOZEN   "Straights" (Grupo)

FELIX LUSH   "Makes Me Wonder" [BUZZ KULL Remix] (Dinosaur City)

THE SINGING SKIES   "Taken By The Wind" (Preservation)

ZOLA JESUS   "Exhumed" (Sacred Bones)

TREVOR SENSOR   "Sedgwick" (Jagjaguwar)

TERRY   "Homage" (Upset The Rhythm)

MOGWAI   "Party In The Dark" (Rock Action/Spunk!)


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