Static :: 8:00pm 3rd Aug 2023

On tonight’s “Static” program (Thursday 3rd August) …

We’ll speak to Boise’s blazing rock behemoths Built To Spill, who tour Sydney soon in support of last year’s winsome album “When The Wind Forgets Your Name” …

Plus we’ll be spinning brand new music from The Clientele, Spirit Of The Beehive, Aphex Twin, Animal Collective and more …

And we’ll dig into this week’s 2SER Feature Album from shadowy club spirit-guide Skeleten, the undulating “Under Utopia” …

Interview via Soundcloud:

TEMPLE OF ANGELS “Love Spins Around” (Run For Cover)
THE CLIENTELE “Stems Of Anise” (Merge)
JAAKKO EINO KALEVI “I Forget” (Weird World/Domino)
APHEX TWIN “zin2 test5” (Warp)
PIP BLOM featuring PERSONAL TRAINER “Kiss Me By The Candlelight” (Heavenly/[PIAS])
BLUR “Goodbye Albert” (Parlophone)
BUILT TO SPILL “Understood” (Sub Pop)
SEXTILE “New York” (Sacred Bones)
CRIME & THE CITY SOLUTION “Peace In My Time” (Mute)
SKELETEN “Right Here It’s Only Love” (Astral People/2MR)
HEMI HEMINGWAY “It’s So Cruel (Loving You)” (PNKSLM)
SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE “natural devotion 2” (Saddle Creek)
JESSY LANZA “Big Pink Rose” (Hyperdub)
MISS TINY “River Hands” (Speedy Wunderground/[PIAS])
DICK DUDLEY “Salt” (Sureshaker)
screensaver “The Guilt” (Poison City/Upset The Rhythm)
GUM “Would It Pain You To See?” (Spinning Top)
RINSE “I Thought I Knew You” (
THANK “Dead Dog In A Ditch” (Zen F.C.)
THE CLIENTELE “Through The Roses” (Merge)
ANIMAL COLLECTIVE “Soul Capturer” (Domino)


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