Static :: 8:00pm 7th May 2020

On tonight’s “Static” program on-air (Thursday 7th May) …

We’ll wind back to September 2018 for a guest-program by Sydney’s dark synthwave baron Buzz Kull!

Mainman Marc Dwyer has hand-picked an inspired selection of songs by Boy Harsher, Depeche Mode, Death Bells, New Order and more. He’ll talk through his choices, and share some tales from the world of Buzz Kull.

Stay up-to-date with a ‘virtual’ program of fresh tunes here.

Guest Program via Soundcloud:

BUZZ KULL “Avoiding The Light” (Burning Rose)
BOY HARSHER “Westerners” (Ascetic House)
LEBANON HANOVER “Kiss Me Until My Lips Fall Off” (Fabrika)
FORCES “I Don’t Measure” (Fleisch)
VIVIEN VEE “Higher” (Banana)
POISON POINT “Roses & Lies” (Third Coming)
DEPECHE MODE “Behind The Wheel” (Mute)
SOFT RIOT “The Eyes On The Walls” (Possession)
COLD CAVE “My Heart Is Immortal” (Heartworm Press)
ALEX VALENTINI “Beautiful Life” [12 Inch Moustache Edit] (International RAI/Moustache)
DEATH BELLS “Something Above” [BUZZ KULL Remix] (Burning Rose)
PURIENT “Lose” (Burning Rose)
MODERN HEAVEN “Permanent Vacation” (Burning Rose)
MASSIMO BARSOTTI DJ “Whole Lotta Love” (Fuzz Dance)
DIE SELEKTION “Du Rennst” (aufnahme + wiedergabe/Fabrika)
SMART COPS “Il Cattivo Tenente” (La Tempesta Dischi)
NEW ORDER “True Faith” (Factory)
SCHWEFELGELB “Das Ärmellose Hemd” (Fleisch)
BUZZ KULL “Rentboy” (

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