The Band Next Door :: 10:00pm 15th Jul 2021

Coming your way on the program this evening, we’re going to be hearing from Zec, the incredible voice behind Melbourne based Disco laced post-punk three piece Plaster of Paris, who’s debut album LOST FAMILIAR surfaces through Psychic Hysteria after about 10 years of gigging around the various musical traps.
Zec talks us through the vocal stylings on the record, the value of safe spaces and
Also coming your way on the program..
Happy go lucky fuzzers and suzzers Imaginarypeople.
Dreamy guitar gains of Pomaa
Psychedelic Revelry thanks to Nice Biscuit.
Punx Masochist.
Surf rockers Some Jerks.
Garage outfit Sandy Dish.
DIY bedroom indie alias Solo Career.
Electronically textured folk stylings of Armlock.
Blackened hardcore outfit BURN IN HELL.
Plus the latest from Sydney locals Bored Shorts, Alyx Dennison & PURE MASS.
All that and more with two hours of Alternative Australiana.
From 10pm, only on 2SER.

Melaeuca   Jane's In Town

Civic   As Seen On TV

Partefacts   Time Travel

Pomaa   I Can’t Wait Till This Doesn’t Matter

Imaginarypeople   Save It For Later

Some Jerks   Summertime Funtime

The Goon Sax   Til Dawn

Plaster Of Paris   Bizznizz

Johnny Hunter   The Floor

Sandy Dish   New Age Girl

Angeles   We Fled

Solo Career   Movie

Armlock   Two Shots

Nice Biscuit   Passing Over

Grinding Eyes   The Taste

Masochist   True Growth

Burn In Hell   Cathedral

Nap Wars   Barriers

Church Group   Misery

Pure Mass   Die Young

Repo Man   Demonlover

Alex Carrington   Requiem For A Tinnie

Alyx Dennison   Keep A Day Free

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