The Band Next Door :: 10:00pm 16th Apr 2020

It’s only April, but a strong contender for Album Of The Year comes in the form of Far Enough, the second full length from Melbourne powerhouse Cable Ties.
A record that throws it’s weight around with proto-punk guitar riffs, propelling bass lines belting vocals that truly make for an earthshaking LP.
So tonight on The Band Next Door on 2SER, we’re going to be hearing from bassist Nick Brown about keeping their head above water in a scene bubbling with activity, authenticity in music and political expression as a band.

There’s also new music from the likes of alt-rock garage outfits PLEBSVarsity Cheerleader & Excuse for an Exit.
The doomed sludgy riffs of Night Goat & Lucifungus.
Gothic post punk from Locust Revival.
Lo-Fi synthwave of L.A Suffocated
Psych grooves and drum crunches HYG
Cold devotional ambience of Cloud Tangle
Plus the latest from Sydney locals E for EchoLow Life Johnny Hunter & NAUGHTY BOYS

All that and more coming your way from 10pm AEST
2 hours of Alternative Australiana
Only on 2ser FM


Varsity Cheerleader Free Throw ::

HYG Good Idea ::

L.A. Suffocated Pick Me Up ::

Johnny Hunter Try As You May ::

E For Echo Satisfied ::

Stressless Prove You Wrong ::

Excuse For An Exit Manic ::

Plebs Documents ::

Annie Hamilton Panic ::

Cable Ties Pillow ::

Martyr Privates Grand Mal ::

Pash Shoplifting ::

Locust Revival Black Cats ::

Psychobabel Patience ::

Naughty Boys Back ::

Night goat Negative Crepe ::

Hibiscus Biscuit Sunflower Fields ::

Occults Blackout ::

Low Life Catholic Guilt ::

Midwife Crisis Moral Disorder ::

Behind You On Being Dragged ::

Cloud Tangle Romance Me ::

Lucifungus Burn The World ::

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