The Band Next Door :: 10:00pm 20th May 2021

This evening on The Band Next Door on 2SER, we’re going to be hearing from the enigmatic troubadour and the face of Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders – Tim Rogers (No, not that one) who looks back on the complicated time that birthed the sombre and lyrically gallowed album HURTSVILLE.
A record which celebrates 10 years of it’s dark omnipresence that hangs through the Australian soundscape.
Also coming your way on the program..
Indie enthusiasts Gap Year
Classic rock infused sounds of Large Mirage.
Punk quartet Room 19.
Heart tugging math trio Requin.
GRoovy prog powerhouse Sunset Junkies.
Blackened sludgers WitchCliff.
Electronic synthpopper Chivalry
Yeehaw folk rocker Jess Johns.
Plus the latest from Sydney locals Second Idol, Bilby & The Nagging Doubts
All that and more with two hours of Alternative Australiana.
From 10pm
Only on 2SER.

Gap Year   Dot And Tarlene

Fritz   She's Gonna Hate Me

Bilby   I'm Not Dreaming, Am I?

Orange Paw   Songs In My Head

Floodlights   Overflowing Cup

Jess Johns   Mercy

Chivalry   Pills For Happiness

Jess Locke   Tell Me I'm Ok

Jack Ladder   Position Vacant

The Nagging Doubts   When The Weather Changes

Organs   Get Anxious

Room 19   Palace Of Cards

Large Mirage   Going Insane

The Black Heart Death Cult   Death From Above

Sounds Like Winter   Send The Boy

Bruise Pristine   Out Of Time

You Am I   Rosedale Redux

WitchCliff   Deity Of Blood

Repo Man   New Orange Drapes

Requin   Let Me Sleep

Sunset Junkies   Pentagram

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