The Band Next Door :: 10:00pm 22nd Apr 2021

As Autumn makes it presence known across Sydney, the time is about ripe for Brisbane’s Sweater Curse to grace our city limits once again when they take over The Vanguard on the 30th April to celebrate the launch of their latest effort, the fuzzy four track PUSH//PULL EP.
So this evening on the program we’re going to be hearing from guitarist Chris, who will be sharing some insights to how a second collection of tunes appeared so soon, bringing songs out of retirement and getting back into interstate touring.
Also coming your way..
Folkstress Rees Lucia,
Dusty passages of indie purists Dag.
The murky post-punk realm of Potential.
Sludge Warriors Mammon’s Throne.
Garage Rock n’ Rollers Queerbait & Protospasm.
The Scientists return a taste of their first album in 35 years.
Plus some of the latest sounds from locals Romæo, Micra & Mazy.
All that and more with two hours of Alternative Australiana.
From 10pm – Only on 2SER.

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets   Tripolasaur

Moody Beach   Why Not

Julian Teakle   Holiday From My Head

Romæo   Stare

Dag   Big Plans (Little Hands)

Rees Lucia   Holding On

Mazy   You Got Me

Queerbait   Rolled Eye

Sweater Curse   All The Same

New Talk   Your Past Comes Back To Haunt You

Peter Bibby's Dog Act   Your Mum

Micra   Undercover Lover

Eddy Current Suppression Ring   Medieval Wall

Loose Fit   Black Water

The Scientists   Outsider

Protospasm   Hard Rubbish

Cutters   Surveillance Drones

Mundo Primitivo   Tormenta

OSBO   Security

Potential   Liminal Space

California Girls   Spread

Suzie Stapleton   Silence In My Bones

Mammon's Throne   Abhorrent Skies

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