The Band Next Door :: 10:00pm 27th Jul 2017

Coming your way tonight on The Band Next Door on 2SER.
We’ll be joined by a few of the members of Sydney-siders YEEVS and hearing a few tracks from their Bellow Of A Cheer EP, a screeching display of blistering suburban rock which they’ll be launching at The Chippo Hotel this weekend.
There’s also BRAND NEW music coming your way with future indie anthems from The S-Bendsburnside mums & Tinsmith.
Electronica from TILDA and The Casual Sexists.
Industrial relations from The Process Void, punk from VOIID and PASSING. Downtempo explorations from Time For Dreams. Swamp rock from Bughunt and music from Emma DavisSpirit Valley plus more!
Two hours Of Alternative Australiana only on 2ser FM – Real Radio
From 10pm


Magic Bones   Hotter Than The Sun

Tinsmith   To Love You

Tilda   Mirage

Tourist Attraction   The S-Bends

Emma Davis   Getting Better

Burnside Mums   The World Around Us

Moody Beach   All I Do

Yeevs   All Delayed

Yeevs   Clatter & Green

Yeevs   Could It All Be Done In A Week?

Bughunt   Dear Grace

Laedj.   Laser Eyes

Voiid   Deranged

The Process Void   Someone Out There Hates You

The Casual Sexists   Karakara

feedtime   Keep Goin

Red Red Krovvy   Real Life II

Passing   Skin Cell

Time For Dreams   Lighthouse

Spirit Valley   Paralyser

Empress   We Wait For Death

Jordan Ireland With Purple Orchestra   In Dreams

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