The Band Next Door :: 10:00pm 28th Sep 2017

Empires, cultures, civilisations, movements, dictators.
Each one rises and falls.
Each one with their own set of systems, beliefs and principals.
A delicate balancing act that no one seems to have gotten right yet.
So as the Earth tinkers on the edge of apocalypse, we’ll be joined by dystopian Beast & Flood who will be coming in on The Band Next Door on 2SER tonight to spin a few tunes from their brand new album UNHARM, available now on No Safe Place.

There’s also plenty of new music to come your way as well.
Sugar rush from Julia Why?. Psychedelic streams from Mamajae & Montes Jura. Garage numbers from Neighbours the band. Electronica from Zuri Akoko. We’ll burn the world down with Jackson Reid Briggs & The Heaters and explore haunting binary signals from Nun.

All that and more from 10pm tonight
2 Hours of Alternative Australiana only on 2ser FM – Real Radio


Neighbours Cowboy ::

Principal Crime Don't Pay ::

Zuri Akoko Psyche ::

Crocodylus Sweaty Already ::

Julia Why? Candy ::

Beast & Flood Independence Streak ::

Beast & Flood Total Truth ::

Beast & Flood Infinite Hands ::

Kellie LLoyd Paradigms ::

Crush Hour Starting Again ::

Mamajae Day Sleeper ::

Jackson Reid Briggs Drop Off ::

Two Steps On The Water Hold Me ::

No Sister Romantic Notion ::

Montes Jura Subterranean Flowers ::

Godtet Take Off ::

Totally Unicorn Part Time Model ::

The Wednesday Night Blackstar Singularity ::

NUN Immersion [Ft. Enderie] ::

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