The Band Next Door :: 10:00pm 30th Nov 2017

As of tomorrow the 1st of December, the Summer Sun will be sending it’s UV rays through that slowly depleting Ozone layer above Oz.
Two says come to mind:
1. No Hat = No Play.
2. Slip! Slop Slap!*
So what better time than to have Sarah of Sydney indie-bronzed and street-smart outfit Sunscreen guesting on The Band Next Door on 2SERtonight, with the launch of their EP, Just A Drop, tomorrow over at the Botany View Hotel.

There’s also guttural sounds from Spiteward.
Thick grungy slabs from Face Face & The Doe and the Scapegoat.
Post-punk from Stationary SUNS.
Enlightened warm electronica courtesy of Mariam Sawires
Virtuosic displays from The Omnific
Plus new tunes from locals BLANDE for Echo100 and more.

2 Hours of Alternative Australiana
Only on 2ser FM – Real Radio 107.3
From 10pm

*Apologies for any cliched use of the phrase in tonight’s program. I’m sure it’s been done to death.


100 Ratchet ::

Face Face Crows ::

Machine Age Fighting ::

E For Echo Let Your Hair Down ::

Bland Couch ::

Eadie & The Doodles I Don’t Like You Anyway ::

Library Monitor New Shoes ::

Sunscreen Far Gone ::

Sunscreen For My Brother ::

Sunscreen Arms ::

Brat Farrar Try To Get Away ::

Stationary Suns Heat ::

All Sparks Burn Out Sunspots ::

Mariam Sawires She Knew ::

The Doe And The Scapegoat Marble ::

No Sister Satellite Power ::

The Omnific Bugbear ::

Helena Massey Desert Rose ::

The World At A Glance Figment ::

Spiteward Quit Everything ::

ORB O.R.B. ::

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