The Band Next Door :: 10:00pm 31st Aug 2017

More talented and than Hollywood’s self absorbed Baldwin family, A few of Sydney’s very own smooth neo-soul and progressive playabouts Baldwins will be dropping in The Band Next Door on 2SER tonight.
We’ll be discussing their new EP Fear Of Flying as well as hearing a few cuts from their brass polished record.

There’s also plenty of great other selections on the menu tonight.
Lightly battered punk from BOAT SHOW and Good Boy. Steamy and dreamy psych from Lapse and Low Dive.
The grilled burnt reality of Plyers and Night Goat, with Special synth sauce from Lupa J, with comes with the entire works SEIMS.

Plus there’s sides from Royal ChantFull Flower Moon BandGnohmsBLAND and more!

2 Hours of Alternative Australiana
From 10pm.
Only on 2ser FM – Real Radio


Good Boy Fishing With A Shotgun ::

Boat Show The Big Smoke ::

Sex Tourists Disconnect ::

Jess Locke Universe ::

Bland Can't Talk About It ::

Lupa J Keep Back ::

Royal Chant Shooting Sparrows ::

Baldwins Milk Beach ::

Baldwins Apollo Earth ::

Baldwins Yolanda ::

Gnohms Marijuana Is A Lot Of Fun ::

TFS Chameleon Paint ::

Low Dive Common People ::

Hexmere Crawling Skin ::

Audrey Vixen Odyssey Vibe [Ft. Four Shift] ::

The No Euphoric Discontent ::

The Full Flower Moon Band Street Love ::

PLYERS Ownersupporter ::

Night Goat How To Make Soap ::

SEIMS Cyan ::

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