The Band Next Door :: 8:00pm 16th Nov 2022

Everyone’s gotta come up for air once in a while, and frenetic rock mammals These New South Whales are about the break the surface once again and with it, bring us their third album.
Due out this Friday, their album ‘TNSW’ marks a sweet spot of a band who are finally content to be themselves and are just lookin’ to get their jam on.
So tonight on The Band Next Door on 2SER, we’re going to be hearing from Jamie and Todd of the group about dropping the gimmicks, bridging comedy and music and the idea mythical third album.
Also coming your way on the program.
Indie sensations from ADKOB.
Guitar over drivers Lojetz
Broken hearted yacht rocker Bang Bang Bart.
Heavy jangle lovers Floodlights.
The drawling sprawl of The Whole Wide World.
Thirsty goths Locust Revival.
The kamikaze cooked sounds of GODSWOUNDS.
A haunting instrumental from Potential.
New woozy psych from Dead Wi†ch
Plus the latest from Sydney locals Bloods, Tuppaware Party and The Nagging Doubts.
All that and more with two hours of Alternative Australiana.
From 8pm.
Only on 2SER.

Floodlights   Human

Bloods   TV Pity Party

A.D.K.O.B   Sophie

Tuppaware Party   Drowning

Bang Bang Bart   Emotional Labor Party

It Thing   Pet Snakes

The Nagging Doubts   Pearl

Full Power Happy Hour   Strong In Numbers

These New South Whales   Rotten Sun

Press Club   Coward Street

Locust Revival   Fangs Out

Enola   Metal Body

Maple Moths   Weird Scenes

Slag Queens   Shelter

Godswounds   Tantamount Love

Way Shit   Someone, Something

Lojetz   Borders

Double Vision   The Streets

The Whole Wide World   Psychic Showdown

Kitchen's Floor   Haunted House

Potential   Phosphorescence

Dead Wi†ch   La Nina

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