The Band Next Door :: 8:00pm 30th Nov 2022

Coming your way tonight on The Band Next Door on 2SER
New wave punks NASTY PARTY.
Indie slinger Charlie Gradon.
Post punk percolator Maxine Gillon.
Garage gripe with Private Wives.
Eerie cybergaze by Slowrip.
Rising alt-rock mainstays VOIID.
Low key heart tuggers Sour Sob.
The mangled sonic pastiche of Doublethink Prism.
Rembetiko fuelled prog three piece TTTDC.
Refined folk maiden Maia Toakley.
Plus the latest from Sydney locals Babitha, Big Wheels and ORPHAN.
All that and more with 2 hours of Alternative Australiana.
From 8pm, only on 2SER.

VOIID   And So Two

Nasty Party   Monochromatic TV

Elizabeth M. Drummond   Underground

Big Wheels   All I Ever Want To Do

Babitha   Only Fair

Charlie Gradon   Black & White

Maxine Gillon   American Coffee

Delivery   Picture This

Phil & The Tiles   Elixir

Dog Name   I Can’t Figure It Out

Slowrip   Internet

Private Wives   Never Again

Sour Sob   New Wood, Old Ashes

Maia Toakley   Paralysed

e4444e   Zero

Smooch   Glitter Thugs

Marilyn Maria   Jack Fell Down

Velatine   Whisper Park

Orphan   For A Friend

Rabbit   Safeguard

Cherish   No Self

Slag Queens   Best Western

Doublethink Prism   Marshall Tourists [Feat. Hayley Beth]

TTTDC   Once Upon A Time