The Band Next Door :: 8:00pm 7th Dec 2022

Find your new ‘one song’ tonight on The Band Next Door on 2SER.
With the hottest new band on the indie market Property.
Lush folk rockers Casual Fan.
90s doused alternative outfit The Maggie Pills.
Jangle cruisers MFV.
Anti-fascist punks Last Quokka.
A celebration of heritage with Jen Cloher.
No-wave Spaghetti goths Imperial Leather.
Grunge backers SNUB.
The heady washed out sounds of The Dharma Chain.
Riff assemblers Seawitch The Band.
Industrial espionage from COLD / HEAT.
Cathartic skramz courtesy of Keratin.
Creative post-pop outfit FLOODING..
Plus a whole lot more..
Two hours of Alternative Australiana.
From 8pm, only on 2SER.

These New South Whales   Changes

Downgirl   Manic

Salarymen   Toe To Toe

Property   Dancefloor

Casual Fan   French New Wave

The Maggie Pills   Rip My Heart Out

Last Quokka   Eat The Rich

Jen Cloher   Being Human

MVF   Barnburner

Imperial Leather   Lewis Lee

Garage Sale   Shake

Platonic Sex   Alright

Sidewalk & The Wheely Bin   Wheat Crop Pride

Snub   Red Moon

Death Bells   Lifespring

JuliaWhy?   My Grrl

A Gazillion Angry Mexicans   The Shepard

Blonde Revolver   Lipstick and Leather

Flooding   Maybe Magnolia

Seawitch   Dark Knight

Keratin   Pop The Cap

Shove   Swing

Leavings   Vocational Partition

The Dharma Chain   His Head

COLD/HEAT   Walking Dead

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