The Daily :: 9:00am 13th May 2021


Geoffrey O'Connor   Foolish Enough (feat. Laura Jean)

Kiwi Jr.   Tyler

Big Scary   Love to Love

John Carroll Kirby   Rainmaker

Julia Stone   Queen

Matthew James Lyon   Rhymes

Pearl Charles   Slipping Away

Common   Don't Forget Who You Are

Flowertruck   Sing Along to Your Life

Kelley Stoltz   The Quiet Ones

No Joy   Primal Curse

Big Scary   Stay

Anchorsong   New World

Leah Flanagan   Colour By Number

The Besnard Lakes   Our Heads, Our Hearts on Fire Again

Hello Satellites   Thief

Songhoy Blue   Fey Fey

Brijean   Softened Thoughts

Genesis Owusu   Waitin On Ya

Cults   Trials

Painted Shrines   Not So Bad

Simona Castricum   Supertouch (feat. m8riarchy)

Big Scary   Bursting At The Seams

Foreign/National   Circle Back

Buck Meek   Second Sight

Marina Allen   Oh, Louise

Izy   Treat Me Bad

Rot   Allegra Krieger

Family Jordan   Sally

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