The Daily :: 9:00am 21st Nov 2019


30/70   Tempted

Amaringo   Moana Lisa

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy   The Devil's Throat

Wand   Rio Grande

Seeker Lover Keeper   Two Dreamers

Art of Fighting   Your Love

Sheer Mag   Silver Line

Jay Som   If you want it

Larry Gus   Readers and Authors

Program   Motorbike

Shotgun Jimmie   Suddenly Submarine

Xylouris White   Ascension

#1 Dads   Another Day

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy   Building a fire

Coda Chroma   Water

Anna Cordell   Nobody know us

Mac Demarco   Finally Alone

TWEN   Azkaban

Destroyer   Crimson Tide

The San Sebastian   Better Vaccine

Caribou   Home

Stranger Ranger   Sunday

TFS   Who's my Eugene?

Chk Chk Chk   This is the dub

Long Beard   Forever

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy   Squid Eye

Royal Chant   Shutdown Corner

Hazel English   Shaking

Good Morning   Best Supporting Actor

Mount Eerie   Widows

Joyero   Steepest Stairs

Angie   Movement

Mavis Staples   One More Change

Dan Deacon   Sat by a tree

Sarah Humphreys   Quiet Heart


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