The Daily :: 9:00am 8th Nov 2022


Mem Mods   Capricorn Catastrophe

The Citradels   Parturiunt Montes

Laura Jean   Amateurs

Cameron Deyell and Laurence Pi   YinMn

Batts   Warm Wine

TIGRIS   Chupchik Disco

Sunbeam Sound Machine   Mutual Life

Renovator's Delight   Bucket Of Water

The Stroppies   Figure Eights

Reverend Baron   It's My Turn (To Cry, Cry, Cry)

Lo Carmen   Half Girl Half Beast

Black Jesus eXperience   Spirits Of The Land

Younger than me   Robomash

Laura Jean   Pauly

Mount Kimbie   Satellite 9

Bjork   Ovule

Unloved   Girl Can't Help It

Whitney   Nothing Remains

Freya Josephine Hollick   Nobody's No Better Than No One

Marinero   Ixchel & Lonely Girl

The Delines   Past the shadows

The Smile   The opposite

Henry Franklin, Adrian Younge   The Griot

Full Power Happy Hour   Joan


Laura Jean   Folk Festival

The Night Packers   Australian Actors

The Orielles   Television

Emma Volard   Oxygen

Sounds Like Sunset   Find Your Way

Grazer   These Days (Pass Me By)

Leaching   Automatic

Kelsey Magnuson   Annas Song

Jodi Phillis   Silver Stars


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