The Hands of Tyme :: 2:00pm 1st Jul 2021


Mouse And The Traps   Beg Borrow And Steal

"D" And The Sugar Cane Factory   Fade Sun, Fade

The Answer   I'll Be In

The Vagrants   I Can't Make A Friend

Notes From The Underground   Why Did You Put Me On

The New Colony Six   Let Me Love You

Junction   Keep Me From Falling

Egyptian Candy   Living My Love Game

The Modds   Leave My House

Lazy Smoke   There Was A Time

The Blue And The Gray   Don't Send Me Flowers

Suspension Of Belief   LSD

The Escapades   Mad, Mad, Mad

Satan's Breed   Laugh Myself To The Grave

The Unusuals   I'm Walkin' Babe

The Sonics   High Time

The United States Of America   Coming Down

The United Notions   Wait Until Tomorrow

Berkley Kites   What Goes Up Must Come Down

Keith Murphy & The Daze   Slightly Reminiscent Of Her

Keith Allison   Louise

Kaleidoscope   Pulsating Dream

The Sons Of Adam   Feathered Fish

Joint Effort   The Third Eyes

Brain Train   Me

The Preachers   Quit Talkin' About Him

The Redcoats   Another Took Her Place

The Deepest Blue   Pretty Little Thing

The Knickerbokers   High On Love

Thee Midniters   Love Special Delivery

The Velvet Illusions   Acid Head

Ken & The Fourth Dimension   See If I Care

Lincoln St. Exit   The Bummer

Todd Anderson   I'll Be In

The Clique   I'll Hold Out My Hand

The Answer   Why You Smile

RainyDaze   Make Me Laugh

The Everpresent Fullness   Darlin' You Can Count On Me

Rising Sons   If The River Was Whisket (Divin' Duck Blues)

Things To Come   Mississippi Dealer

The Litter   Codine

The Bare Facts   Bad Part Of Town

The Bad Roads   Blue Girl

The Nervous Breakdowns   I Dig Your Mind

Dr. Spec's Optical Illusion   She's The One

The Del-Vetts   If You're Ready

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