The Hands of Tyme :: 2:00pm 22nd Jun 2017

After starting off with some soulful late ’60s US cuts, this week’s Hands leans into the more soulful end of UK prog and the more expansive rock that emerged after UK psychedelia first blossomed (called “Proto-prog” by collectors after the fact).


Game   What's Goin' Through My Head

Smith   Born In Boston

U.S. 69   I Hear You Talkin'

Cold Blood   You Got Me Hummin'

Nucleus   Lost And Found

Graham Bond & Peter Brown   Lost Tribe

Spirit Of John Morgan   I Want You

Hannibal   Winds Of Chang

Cressida   To Play Your Little Game

Gravy Train   Motorway

Colwell-Winfield Blues Band   Free Will Fantasy

Logan Dwight   Logan Dwight

The Smoke   Hobbit Symphony

Tonton Macoute   Just Like Stone

Gravious   Heaven

It's All Meat   You Brought Me Back To My Senses Raw Material

T.I.M.E. (Trust In Men Everywhere)   I Think You'd Cry

N.S.U.   Stoned

Frantic   Baby

Ilmo Smokehouse   Devil Take My Grandma

Samuel Prody   Who Will Buy

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