The Hands of Tyme :: 2:00pm 7th Oct 2021


The Animals   Inside Looking Out

Them   Mystic Eyes

Chants R&B   I'm Your Witchdoctor

The Mark Four   I'm Leaving

Blue Stars   I Can Take It

The Troggs   From Home

The Yardbirds   You're A Better Man Than I

Belfast Gypsies   Gloria's Dream

The Muleskinners   Need Your Lovin'

The Eyes   You're Too Much

John's Children   But She's Mine

Marc Bolan   The Third Degree

The Outsiders   Doctor

Q'65   The Life I Live

The Birds   Leaving Here

The New Breed   Unto Us

The Outer Limits   Just Help Me Please

Rupert's People   Hold On

Fleur De Lys   So Come On

The Clique   Ooh Poo Pah Doo

Skip Bifferty   On Love

Mike Stuart Span   Children Of Tomorrow

Band Of Angels   Me

Just Four Men   Don't Come Any Closer

The Syndicats   Crawdaddy Simone

The Web   I'll Try

The Uprooted   You're Not There

The Spencer Davis Group   Looking Back

The Rockin Vickers   I Don't Need Your Kind

The Mirage   You Can't Be Serious

The Valentines   Love Makes Sweet Music

The Pretty Things   Midnight To Six Man

The Flies   I'm Not Your Stepping Stone

The Creation   Try And Stop Me

The Attack   Magic In The Air

The Action   Hey Sah-Lo-Ney

The Sorrows   I Don't Wanna Be Free

Sharon Tandy   Daughter Of The Sun

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