The New Style :: 8:00pm 11th Mar 2022


Lee Monro   Heaven | Hades (feat. Lachytee)

Bronze Nazareth   Hiphop Til The End of Time

Sadiva   I've Been Thinking

Khrysis   Granted (feat. Mumu Fresh)

Digable Planets   La Femme Fetal

DJ Bacon   The OG Bosses (feat. Ice T & James Brown)

Cookin Soul   CREAM TEAM

Planet Asia   1984

MED x Blu x Madlib   Whoop T (feat. Jimetta Rose)

Khrysis   Never Change - Instrumental

No Intent   Art of War (Live)

No Intent   Cold Nights (Live)

No Intent   Eye For An Eye (Live) - Unreleased

No Intent   Bloodshot (Live) - Unreleased

No Intent   Funky Love (Live) - Unreleased

Camoflague Monk   Brief message from our sponsors (feat. Rome Streetz)

Lord Apex x V Don   Life Goes On

Fly Anakin x Nickelus F   Ghost

Cookin Soul   KDOT FREES

Ol' Dirty Bastard   Harlem World - Instrumental

Ol' Dirty Bastard   Raw Hide - Instrumental

Wu-Tang Clan   Da Mystery of Chessboxin' - Instrumental

JBtheYEAR   On That (feat. DZR)

Madvillain   All Caps (Instrumental)

CRIMEAPPLE   Since I've Cried

Al's Untouchables   Stick Around

Al.Divino x Futurewave   Slide

Tha God Fahim   Life After

Tha God Fahim   Cash Rulez

Conway the Machine   Salute Me

Estee Nack x Crucial The Guillotine   Nafta (feat. Tha God Fahim & Darkrim Be Allah)

Peanut Butter Wolf   The Everliving (feat. Zest)

KMD   What A Nigga Know?

MF Doom   Doomsday

MF Doom   Shook Ones Pt. 2 with Mobb Deep - Saffron Blend

MF Doom   One Love with Nas - Arrow Root Blend

Pan Amsterdam   Good Ol' Days (feat. thatmanmonkz)

Guru   Transit Ride (feat. Branford Marsalis)

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