The New Style :: 8:00pm 4th Feb 2022


Nelson Dialect   Only Just Begun

Rising Suns   Back In The Days

O.C.   O-Zone - Instrumental

Pitch 92 x Kofi Stone   Under The Sun

DJ Bacon   The New Bosses (feat. Nas & James Brown)

Rapaport   Ugly Mug

Dialectrix   Parallel Universe

Verb T x Illinformed   Healing

Benji Wild   Shame (feat. DRS, Illaman & BVA)

Jannah Beth   Never Miss (feat. Temgazi)

Reverse Polarities   Densensetized

Kofi Stone   Busker Flow

Jam Baxter x Ed Scissor   Pipe Smoke

Ello.C x Timba   Crowded Places

Verb T x Illinformed   God Of War

Lunar C   Kill the Rich

Posseshot   All That I Got (feat. Alex Jones)

Blahzay Blahzay x Mental Magician x Verbal Fist   Long Winded

Organized Konfusion   Bring It On

O.C.   Time’s Up - Instrumental

Rising Suns   For Everyone (feat O.C.)

Al.Divino x Estee Nack   Winter Olympics

KMD   What A Nigga Know?

The Boulevard Connection   Haagan-Daz - Clean Edit

Shrlock   For What It Was - Radio Edit

Maundz   Off Gaurd (feat. Joshua Tavares)

Shortie No Mass   Who's Shortie

Masta Killa   Old Man (feat. Old Dirty Bastard & RZA)

Pacewon   I Declare War

Mama Mystique   Tremendous (feat. Q-Ball & Curt Cazal)

Lootpack   Answers (feat. Quasimoto)

Big Daddy Kane   Terra N Ya Era

The East Flatbush Project   A Madman's Dream

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