The Outpost :: 12:00pm 12th Dec 2019


TROND SVENSON & TUXEDO   La Serenata De Peluquero [Smalltown Stories]

TROND SVENSON & TUXEDO   Drive In The Rain [Smalltown Stories]

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN   Tucson Train [Western Stars]

PATTY GRIFFIN   Had A Good Reason [Patty Griffin]

FENN WILSON   Eye On You [Ghost Heroin]

THE LATE GREAT   All You Got [Temporary Love Songs]

AL DeLONER   Robert De Niro [The Sheriff of Barcelona]

LUCIE THORNE   Nothing Comes Close [Kitty & Frank]

HAYES CARLL   Be There [What It Is]

HOTEL HOTEL   Cut Out My Heart [Heaven’s Will]

NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE   Eternity [Colorado]

PERNICE BROTHERS   Wither On The Vine [Spread The Feeling]

MARK MOLDRE   Leave Me Where You Found Me [Fever Dreams]

THE DELINES   Holly The Hustle [The Imperial]

SUSTO   Weather Balloons [Ever Since I Lost My Mind]

WILCO   White Wooden Cross [Ode To Joy]

EILEN JEWELL   Witness [Gypsy]

FELICE BROTHERS   Special Announcement [Undress]

PEER NIC   Highlands [Highlands/Lowlands]

NATHAN SEECKTS   I’m Your Queen [The Heart Of The City]

PURPLE MOUNTAINS   Margaritas By The Mall [Purple Mountains]

PURPLE MOUNTAINS   Snow Is Falling In Manhattan [Purple Mountains]

BEK-JEAN STEWART   Your Truth Will Bring You Back [Songs From The North]

ROB SNARSKI   That Whole Summer Long [Sparrow & Swan]

MICHAEL WAUGH   50 Words [The Weir]

OH REACH   Country Singer [Oh Reach]

HARVEY RUSSELL   Please Don’t Pretend [Liquid Damage]

SIGNE MARIE RUSTAD   Die With Your Boots On [When Words Flew Freely]

HOWE GELB   The Open Road [Gathered]



The Outpost Australian Album of the Year:   THE HEART OF THE CITY – NATHAN SEECKTS


The Outpost Top 20 Albums of the Year:  

1. Purple Mountains – PURPLE MOUNTAINS  

2. The Heart Of The City – NATHAN SEECKTS  

3. Highlands/Lowlands – PEER NIC  

4. Undress – FELICE BROTHERS  

5. Gypsy – EILEN JEWELL  

6. Ode To Joy – WILCO  

7. Ever Since I Lost My Mind – SUSTO  

8. The Imperial – THE DELINES  

9. Fever Dreams – MARK MOLDRE  

10. Spread The Feeling – PERNICE BROTHERS  

11. Colorado – NEIL YOUNG  

12. Patty Griffin – PATTY GRIFFIN  

13. Western Stars – BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN  

14. Temporary Love Songs – THE LATE GREAT  

15. Songs From The North – BEK-JEAN STEWART  

16. What It Is – HAYES CARLL  

17. Kitty & Frank – LUCIE THORNE  

18. The Sheriff of Barcelona – AL DeLONER  

19. Sparrow & Swan – ROB SNARSKI  

20. Heaven’s Will – HOTEL HOTEL  

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