The Outpost :: 12:00pm 14th Sep 2017


JOHNNY CASH God’s Gonna Cut You Down [American V: A Hundred Highways] ::

JAYHAWKS Over My Shoulder [Tomorrow The Green Grass] ::

FALLON CUSH No Answers [Morning] ::

FALLON CUSH Morning [live in the 2ser studio] ::

FALLON CUSH Long Shot [Morning] ::

JEN MIZE Up In The Holler [Warnings & Wisdom] ::

TIM EASTON Burning Star [American Fork] ::

TOM RUSSELL Harlon Clancy [Folk Hotel] ::

EMILY BARKER Change [Sweet Kind Of Blue] ::

KENNETH NORUM Hearts Ain’t Bound For Glory [Heart On A Sleave] ::

NEIL YOUNG Pocahantas [Hitchhiker] ::

JOLIE HOLLAND & SAMANTHA PARTON Jacko’s Lament [Wildflower Blues] ::

MARK OLSON Time Of Love [Spokeswoman Of The Bright Sun] ::

MARK OLSON & INGUNN RINGVOLD Dear Elizabeth [live in the 2ser studio] ::

MARK OLSON & INGUNN RINGVOLD You Are All [live in the 2ser studio] ::

MARK OLSON & INGUNN RINGVOLD Spokeswoman Of The Bright Sun [live in the 2ser studio] ::

JAYHAWKS Falling Star [The Jayhawks] ::

JAYHAWKS Two Angels [Hollywood Town Hall] ::

JAYHAWKS Blue [Tomorrow The Green Grass] ::

SAM SHINAZZI Ballerina [Forever & For Now] ::

THOSE DARLINS The Whole Damn Thing [Those Darlins] ::

THOSE DARLINS Repo Man [American Laundromat Tribute To Repo Man] ::

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