The Outpost :: 12:00pm 17th Nov 2022


SAW DOCTORS (feat. PETULA CLARK)   Downtown [2525 The Best Of The Saw Doctors Vol. ll]

RAILPLANE   No Longer To Walk On [Railplane EP]

RAILPLANE   Old Man At The Mill [live in the 2ser studio]

RAILPLANE   Was There Anything I Could Do? [Railplane EP]

BEK-JEAN STEWART   I Wish I Was Mary Gaitskill [Fierce Attachments]

CRANK WILLIAMS & PATSY DECLINE   State’s Most Wanted Man [Until We Darken Your Doorstep]

PATTY GRIFFIN   Sundown [Tape]

KALYNA RAKEL   Nothing To Love Ya [live in the 2ser studio]

KALYNA RAKEL & DAN GURMAN   Not Coming Back [Welcome To The Show]

PERRY KEYES   Wentworth Park [single]

DANIEL JOHNSTON   True Love Will Find You In The End [1990]

MINOR GOLD   Mona Lisa [single]

GO-BETWEENS   Right Here [Tallulah]

AMANDA BROWN   Lost In The Wilderness [8 Guitars]

AMANDA BROWN   The Unguarded Moment [8 Guitars]

GO-BETWEENS   Don’t Call Me Gone [Right Here 12” single B-side]

CLEOPATRA WONG   Buried Treasure [Egg]

TOBY MARTIN   Nylex Nights [Love’s Shadow]

GO-BETWEENS   Was There Anything I Could Do? [16 Lovers Lane]

GO-BETWEENS   I’m Alright [16 Lovers Lane]

HALFWAY   The Blue Dress [On The Ghostline, With Hands Of Lightning]