The Outpost :: 12:00pm 1st Dec 2022


FLEETWOOD MAC   Songbird [Rumours]

LILLY HIATT   Under The Milky Way [3 Sirens Presents: With Love: Part 2 EP]

~~~~~~ Make Your Stash – Guest Programmer: Matina Bourmas~~~~~~  

JEFF TWEEDY   Laminated Cat [Together At Last]

LOS PALMS   Sunday Death Drive [Skeleton Ranch]

DON McGLASHAN   Nothing On The Windows [Bright November Morning]

NICK CAVE & WARREN ELLIS   The Proposition #1 [The Proposition – Soundtrack]

THE SYSTEMADDICTS   Red Desert Rain [Red Desert Rain]

SATELLITES   Loaded Gun [Jump]

LINDA RONSTADT   Lies [Get Closer]

JOHNNY 7 OMA   Bowls Of Broken China [Got To Fight It]

MUDCRUTCH   Trailer [Mudcrutch 2]

THE SAUCERMEN   Caveman In A Spaceship [The Gravy Train EP]


PERRY KEYES   Double On The Main Game [The Last Ghost Train Home]

DEVONS   Free Fall [single]


BIG THIEF   Spud Infinity [Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You]

RYAN ADAMS   Nebraska [Nebraska]

D.C. CROSS   Drugged Up Madonna [Ecstatic Racquet]

LOOCH LEWIS   The (Not So Great) Pretender [Apathy And Empathy EP]

LOOCH LEWIS (with MARCUS HOLDEN)   Fingers [live in the 2ser studio]

LOOCH LEWIS   Free Dirt [single]

G.W. McLENNAN   Lighting Fires [Fireboy]

CRANK WILLIAMS & PATSY DeCLINE   My Love Forevermore [Until We Darken Your Doorstep]

UNNVEIG AAS   How Can I Know [Phases]

NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS   Ghosteen Speaks [Ghosteen]

WILLIE NELSON   Songbird [Songbird]