The Outpost :: 12:00pm 21st Nov 2019


DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS Two Daughters & A Beautiful Wife [Brighter Than Creation’s Dark] ::

JOLIE HOLLAND Corrido Por Buddy [The Living And The Dead] ::

BONNIE “PRINCE” BILLY I’ll Be Glad [Lie Down In The Light] ::

SILVER JEWS San Francisco B.C. [Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea] ::

L.J. HILL Pretty Bird Tree [Namoi Mud] ::

MADRUGADA What’s On Your Mind? [Madrugada] ::

SAM BAKER Palestine I [Cotton] ::

THE DUKE & THE KING One More American Song [Nothing Gold Can Stay] ::

DAWN LANDES Sweetheart Of The Rodeo [Sweet Heart Rodeo] ::

JUSTIN TOWNES EARLE Someday I’ll Be Forgiven For This [Midnight At The Movies] ::

GUY CLARK The Guitar [Somedays The Song Writes You] ::

BEK-JEAN STEWART St. Mary’s Bells [Winter Summer Suburban Exile] ::

RICHMOND FONTAINE The Boyfriends [We Used To Think The Freeway Sounded Like A River] ::

PERRY KEYES Queen Of Everyone’s Heart [Johnny Ray’s Downtown] ::

FIRST AID KIT I Met Up With The King [The Big Black & The Blue] ::

EZRA FURMAN & THE HARPOONS Wild Rosemarie [Mysterious Power] ::

JACKIE LEVEN & MICHAEL COSGROVE Townes At The Borderline [Wayside Shrines And The Code Of The Travelling Man] ::

SAM SHINAZZI Good Things [When The Lights Come Up] ::

GILLIAN WELCH The Way It Goes [The Harrow & The Harvest] ::

AMERICAN AQUARIUM Cape Fear River [Burn ! Flicker ! Die !] ::

SHERRY RICH Pandora Mink [Dakota Avenue] ::

CRAIG FINN Jackson [Clear Heart Full Eyes] ::

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Shackled And Drawn [Wrecking Ball] ::

PATTI SMITH After The Goldrush [Banga] ::

JD McPHERSON Fire Bug [Signs & Signifiers] ::

HALFWAY Dulcify [Any Old Love] ::

CAROLINE ROSE This Is What Livin’ Feels Like [America Religious] ::

JASON ISBELL Elephant [Southeastern] ::

BASKO BELIEVES Empty Road [Melancholic Melodies] ::

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