The Outpost :: 12:00pm 24th Dec 2020


STEVE EARLEChristmas In Washington [El Corazon] ::

EVERLY BROTHERSChristmas Eve Can Kill You [Stories We Could Tell] ::

TOM WAITSHang On St. Christopher [Franks Wild Years] ::

AMERICAN AQUARIUMAin’t Going To The Bar Tonight [Dances For The Lonely] ::

PURPLE MOUNTAINSSnow Is Falling In Manhattan [Purple Mountains] ::

JUSTINE OSBORNE & FRIENDSR.I.P. Santa [A Very Susto Holiday Mix] ::

SAW DOCTORSRed Cortina [If This Is Rock And Roll, I Want My Old Job Back] ::

ANDY PRIEBOYWhole Lotta Love [Montezuma Was A Man Of Faith EP] ::

SHOOTER JENNINGSDaddy’s Hands [Family Man] ::

KURT VILE (with JOHN PRINE)How Lucky [Speed, Sound, Lonely KV EP] ::

LUCINDA WILLIAMSApartment # 9 [Lu’s Jukebox Vol. 4: Funny How Time Slips Away – A Night Of Country Classics] ::

PERRY KEYESHe Scores He Shoots [Johnny Ray’s Downtown] ::

ARCHIE ROACH (feat. PAUL KELLY]Christmas Eve [1988] ::

SUICIDE SWANSPilgrim’s Loot [Set List # 1: Dashville Skyline 2019] ::

YO LA TENGONowhere Near [Painful] ::

THE LANGLEY SCHOOLS MUSIC PROJECTIn My Room [Innocence And Despair] ::

MADRUGADAMajesty [Live At Tralfamadore] ::

SUFJAN STEVENSMr. Frosty Man [Silver & Gold Christmas boxset Vols. 6-10: I Am Santa’s Helper – Songs For Christmas Vol. 7] ::

LOUVIN BROTHERSSatan Is Real [Satan Is Real] ::

WILLY VLAUTINChristmas Dinner With A Broken Nose [A Jockey’s Christmas] ::

DRUGSTOREMaybe At Christmas Time [It’s A Cool Cool Christmas] ::

ROB SNARSKIOne Day [Song Gifts] ::

SAM BAKERAngel Hair [Cotton] ::

BRUCE SPRINGSTEENSanta Claus Is Comin’ To Town [My Hometown single] ::

DAVID BOWIEIt’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City [Sound & Vision boxset] ::

SUFJAN STEVENSLumberjack Christmas / No One Can Save You From Christmases Past [Silver & Gold Christmas boxset Vols. 6-10: Gloria Vol. 6] ::

KINKY FRIEDMANThey Ain’t Making Jews Like Jesus Anymore [Last Of The Jewish Cowboys – The Best Of Kinky Friedman] ::

DRIVE-BY TRUCKERSThe KKK Took My Baby Away [The New OK] ::

TRIFFIDSIn The Pines [In The Pines] ::

RAMONESMerry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight) [The Ramones Anthology] ::

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