The Outpost :: 12:00pm 26th Aug 2021


SEKRET SEKRET   Moose Beach [New King Jack 7” single B-side]

TOM T. HALL   Who’s Gonna Feed Them Hogs [In Search Of A Song]

EVERLY BROTHERS   When Will I Be Loved [Rock 'n' Roll Legends Collection]

FELICE BROTHERS   To-Do List [From Dreams To Dust]

SUZIE UNGERLEIDER   Disappear [My Name Is Suzie Ungerleider]

JAMES McMURTRY   If It Don’t Bleed [The Horses And The Hounds]

THEN JOLENE   Sookie [The Putdown]

PONY FACE   Trinity River [Deja Vu]

BOB WEATHERALL & HALFWAY   Water Horse [Restless Dream]

BOB WEATHERALL & HALFWAY   We Are Gone [Restless Dream]

ROSA PULLMAN   Desert High [Dusty Road EP]

HARK MARQUEE   Won’t Be Long [single]

JOE PERNICE   That’s How I Got To Memphis [It Feels So Good When I Stop]

DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS   Mama Bake A Pie (Daddy Kill A Chicken) [The Fine Print]

TOM T. HALL   The Year That Clayton Delaney Died [In Search Of A Song]

LOOCH LEWIS   Free Dirt [Whisky Helps The Sun Go Down EP]

DIED PRETTY   Godbless [Doughboy Hollow]

MELANIE HORSNELL   Turn Off The News And Build A Garden [single]

MICHAEL WAUGH   Flying [The Cast]

ALLISON RUSSELL   Hy Brasil [Outside Child]


ROBERT PLANT & ALISON KRAUSS   Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On) [Raising Sand]

EVERLY BROTHERS   All I Have To Do Is Dream [Rock 'n' Roll Legends Collection]

DAWN LANDES   Why They Name Whiskey After Men [Meet Me At The River]

DAN BRODIE   Words Of A Drunken Man [Lost Not Found]

WILLARD GRANT CONSPIRACY   Drunkard’s Prayer [Trunk In The Attic EP]

JOLIE HOLLAND   Palm Wine Drunkard [Wine Dark Sea]

VAN WALKER   Drunk Boat [Underneath The Razor 2008 – 2010]

EVERLY BROTHERS   Bird Dog [Rock 'n' Roll Legends Collection]

LINDA RONSTADT   When Will I Be Loved [Heart Like A Wheel]

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