The Outpost :: 12:00pm 28th Dec 2017


WILCO Box Full Of Letters [AM] ::

NEIL YOUNG Powderfinger [Hitchhiker] ::

SUFJAN STEVENS Angels We Have Heard On High [Silver & Gold Christmas box set Vols. 6-10 : Infinity – Songs For Christmas Vol. 8] ::

JOHN PETER & HIS COLLABORATORS Snow White [Transparent Blue] ::

LO CARMEN Last Thing I’ll Remember [Lovers Dreamers Fighters] ::

ROLLING STONES Mercy, Mercy [The Rolling Stones On Air] ::

JOE PERNICE Bum Leg [Big Tobacco] ::

LYDIA LOVELESS Alison [Boy Crazy And Single(s)] ::

PAUL KELLY Behind The Bowler’s Arm [Deeper Water single] ::

ALISON FERRIER The Boxer [What She Knows] ::

JACKIE LEVEN Museum Of Childhood [Elegy For Johnny Cash] ::

PERRY KEYES Boxing Day [Johnny Ray’s Downtown] ::

WARREN ZEVON Boom Boom Mancini [Learning To Flinch] ::

FELICE BROTHERS Ballad Of Lou The Welterweight [Tonight At The Arizona] ::

BOB DYLAN Hurricane [Desire] ::

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN The Hitter [Devils And Dust] ::

JAIME WYATT & SHOOTER JENNINGS Here’s To The Champion {Muhammad Ali) [New Stuff] ::

FREAKWATER Louisville Lip [Springtime] ::

RED OCHRE Jimmy Carruthers [Orchid Avenue] ::

PAUL KELLY Rally Round The Drum [The A To Z Recordings – box set] ::

LIONEL ROSE I Thank You [Buried Country – The Story Of Aboriginal Country Music] ::

RYAN ADAMS Shiver And Shake [Prisoner] ::

DAVID McCOMB Nothing Good [Love Of Will] ::

SUFJAN STEVENS Christmas Unicorn (excerpt) [Silver & Gold Christmas box set Vols. 6-10 : Christmas Unicorn – Songs For Christmas Vol. 10] ::

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS I Won’t Back Down [The Live Anthology box set] – TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS ::


SUFJAN STEVENS Christmas Face [Songs For Christmas box set Vols. 6 - 10 : Let It Snow Vol. 9] ::

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