The Space In Between :: 10:00pm 2nd Jan 2018

Soft Records Special – the music of Purdy and Tooth

Combining sampled based beat explorations with dub, kosmische rock, folk, soundtracks and easy listening influences, Tooth (Kevin Purdy, Sir Robbo and John Maddox) and Kevin Purdy on his solo albums, created some of the most truly psychedelic music ever made in Australia.

Tonight’s show follows their music from the debut Tooth and Purdy albums, (released in 1998 and 1999 respectively) to Purdy’s ‘In Transit’ released in 2017.

For more info on the label’s releases, head to the Soft Records site


Tooth An Incredible Collection ::

Tooth Cabin Fever... In The Sky ::

Purdy Silk ::

Purdy After The Moonglows ::

Purdy Little Children ::

Purdy Pleasure ::

Tooth Letters, Notes & Sketches ::

Tooth Let's Stowaway For Awhile ::

Tooth Before And After Silence ::

Purdy Sleep Well ::

Purdy On The Roof Of The World ::

Tooth Paris Shades ::

Tooth Urban End ::

Tooth Fire Projects ::

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