The Tuckshop :: 5:00pm 21st Feb 2021 (ft. Alexander Biggs Interview)


Budjerah   Higher

Hayley Mary   Would You Throw a Diamond?

Children Collide   Trampoline

Human Noise   Bad Language

The Beamish Brothers   Dollar At The Heart

CLEWS   Want You That Way

Droves   View

Alexander Biggs   Low

Alexander Biggs   Hit or Miss

GUTHRIE   Queenstown

FancyNormal   Sad Champagne

A.I A.I   A.I A.I

Close Counters   SPEAK IN TRUTH (ft. Allysha Joy)

Julia Why?   Waiting For Time

The Sunday Estate   Pray For Rain

The Frankston Philosophical Society   Piss and Tranquility

Seabass   Right Fit

Joe Mungovan   Lemon + Lime

Elle M├║sa   Coco Honey You and I

Second Idol   White Noise

Laces   The Ridge


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