The Tuckshop :: 5:00pm 25th Apr 2021 (ft. Genesis Owusu)


Tia Gostelow   Psycho (Pihka Is My Name Remix)

Sputnik Sweetheart   Jealousy

Fancy Face   Valium

Micra   Undercover Lover

Yuto.   Blow (ft. Holly Hebe)

Sappho   Flex

Amen Mustang   Lover in Disguise

Genesis Owusu   A Song About Fishing

Genesis Owusu   Drown (ft. Kirin J Callinan)

SHRETA   Got It Like That

A.GIRL   Luv Drunk

Tasman Keith & Kwame   ONE

Delaforce   Compromise

Maple Glider   Swimming

Juice Webster   Stupid Girl

Dag   Big Plans (Little Hands)

Forward Fox   Retrograde

San Mei   I Can't Sleep

Time For Dreams   Death To All Actors

CIVIC   As Seen On TV

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