The Tuckshop :: 6:00pm 12th Sep 2021 (ft. Darren Cross)


AYA J   To You

Kult Kyss   So Alive

Tora   Put Down Your Phone

Darby   Fave Sound (w/ Haneri)

Mike Noga   Open Fire

Great Gable   Hazy

e4444e   Bushfire Story

Darren Cross   Rabbit Hole (Polka Dot)

Darren Cross   Psychic Scum

Gerling   The Deer in You

Triple One   BLOOD RAVE

Ruby May   justanotherwav

BLXSS   Hush

Moaning Lisa   Too Many

Debbies   Sinner

Katanak   Pinch Grip

Odette   Amends


Tyne-James Organ   Sunday Suit

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