The Tuckshop :: 6:00pm 16th May 2021 (ft. Stevie Jean)


Miiesha   Damaged

Reality Instructors   I'm Enrolled

Clowns   Does It Matter?

SoSo   Yeah Nah

Camp 8   Honey

Romanie   Fake Friends

Oscar Thorburn   Vortex

Stevie Jean   The Dark

Stevie Jean   I Don't Mind

leftprojects   The Lovely Ones

Eliza & The Delusionals   YOU

The Goon Sax   In The Stone

PJ Orr   Dream State

Cannon   Hypnotised

Cable Ties   Tell Them Where To Go (live)

Pat Chow   Attention Please

oshua   no bodies around

Sampology   Memories in Flight

Greatest Hits   Palm Springs

REMI   Reptile


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