The Tuckshop :: 6:00pm 31st Oct 2021 (ft. Moaning Lisa)


A.GIRL   We Them Boyz (ft. Jaecy)

Dorsal Fins   Sugar

Hallie   Babysitter

Terra Pines   Downbeat

Iain T McKelvey & the Midnight Tangos   Who I Was

e4444e   Wear No Flag

Moaning Lisa   Waste

Moaning Lisa   Bike Riding

Pinwheel   Draped in Blue

Lewis Goldmark   Psycho City

Velvet Bloom   Run

Jack Carty   Boab (Time Is A River)

Colourblind   Longsleeves

Caitlin Harnett & The Pony Boys   5am

Julia Why?   My Grrrl

Rainbow Chan   Idols 偶像

Abby Bella May   Hocus Pocus

Tim Shiel   Call Me Back!


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