The Tuckshop :: 6:00pm 6th Jun 2021 (ft. Country & Inner Western Festival)


Maurial Spearim   Sardine Baby

Tyne-James Organ   Stranger

Chasing Ghosts   Dig

Isabella Manfredi   Jealousy

Bec Taylor and the Lyrebirds   Shed My Skin

Al Matcott   Mediocre

gold blum   Situations

Country and Inner Western Festival Interview w/ Matt Rule  

Babitha   Be Alright

Andy Golledge   Ghost Of Love

Anna Cordell   The Children

Mia Wray   Needs

Slumberjack   Not For You (ft. Nicole Millar)

NOT A BOYS NAME   Psychopath

Genesis Owusu   Same Thing

LARA D   No One

EASY AV3   Olympics (ft. Raj Mahal)

Chet Faker   Feel Good

George Maple   Demise

Tayla Young   Lorelai

Death By Denim   Small World

Dominic Breen   Under Your Sorrow

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