Used Parts Galaxy :: Pepo Galan 10th Aug 2020

Pepo Galán is a composer, multi-Instrumentalist and producer born in Malaga. His compositions create a characteristic sound with micro-textures, noisy environments and melancholic melodies charged with beauty, sensitivity and elegance. We feature his excellent, some would say prescient work from 2017 – Human Values Disappear.

Track: Magic Breath
Artist: Quetzolcoatl
Release: Sleeping Within the Sun
Label: Phantom Limb Recordings

Track: Gnosis
Artist: Tapes and Topographies
Release: A Pulse of Durations
Label: Past Inside The Present

Track: Fen(ce)
Artist: Simon Scott
Release: Migrations
Label: Touch

Track: The Crow Will Know Their Master
Artist: Talbert Anthony
Release: The Crow Will Know Their Master
Label: Self Released

Track: No Signal
Artist: Hauras Aaren
Release: Pillars
Label: Chaos Labs records

Track: I’m Transmitting Tonight
Artist: Tim Hecker
Release: Radio Amor
Label: Kranky

Track: Cohabiting Species – A (excerpt)
Artist: Abby Lee Tee
Release: Cohabiting Species
Label: Shash / Accidental Record

Track: Earth
Artist: Ann Margaret Hogan
Release: Honeysuckle Burials
Label: Downwards Records

Track: Dawn Light
Artist: Andrew Tasselmyer
Release: Associative Mechanisms
Label: Self released

Track: Sitting on the Grass under the Stars
Artist: Valotihkuu
Release: Fragile Melodies
Label: Whitelabrecs


Track: All tracks
Artist: Pepo Galán
Release: Human Values Disappear
Label: El Muelle Records


Track: Closed spaces
Artist: FUJI||||||||||TA
Release: Three Cs
Label: Self released

Track: I Realize That There’s a lot of Slime……
Artist: Museum Of No Art
Release: Improvisations on clarinet and time-stretched space
Label: Self released

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