Used Parts Galaxy :: Hedia – Wool 13th May 2019

Hedia is the music of multi-instrumentalist Bryce Hample, of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Hedia is spacial music, creating a place to inhabit, if only temporarily. Musical spaces to encompass the listener, unfolding organically and spaciously, in a blanket of drifting piano chords, viola da gamba, cello, brass, subdued guitar, and tape manipulations. 


Øyvind Torvund   Rainbow Crystal The Exotica Album

Paper Dollhouse   Glass Tower Empty - Rave

Ana Roxanne   Slowness ~~~

JAB   A Little Breeze Erg Herbe

Viul   Botany Bright Decline

Billow Observatory   Iris III: Chroma/Contour

M.Sage   Michigan Turquoise Catch A Blessing

Ben Rath   And This One Too Any Given Moment

Hilsa   Ilish Hilsa

Kinbrae   Tatha Landforms

Wool   Waking Blind Hedia

Wool   Faintly, If At All Hedia

Wool   Whitetrees Hedia

Wool   Chandalier (Dream) Hedia

Wool   Wet Wool Hedia

Wool   A Mirror Of Faded Colours Hedia

Wool   Water Becoming Ice Hedia

Wool   Breath On Air Hedia

Aisuru   Specialists A Family

Papillon   Radio Blues Cercueil flottant

Letha Rodman Melchior   Rheita Valley Mare Australe

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