Used Parts Galaxy :: X.Y.R 14th Sep 2020

ts of wonderful new music from This Valley of Old Mountains, Pausal, Clayton Thomas and Bellows.

Out feature work is from X.Y.R. – who is St. Petersburg seeker Vladimir Karpov. His compositions summon hushed auras of keys, metronomes, fog – it’s a feeling that evokes hazed and isolated realms, traced in altered states. On Labyrinth, he maps the maze at “the bottom of the self,” a subterranean consciousness manifested from decaying synthesizer and shadowed pulse, a music for fading torchlight.

Track: Vist
Artist: This Valley of Old Mountains
Release: This Valley of Old Mountains
Label: 12k

Track: Young Birth
Artist: Concern
Release: Truth and Distance
Label: Digitalis

Track: Melatonia
Artist: Pausal
Release: Melatonia
Label: Past Inside The Present


Track: All Things To All People
Artist: Clayton Thomas
Release: All Things To All People
Label: Amplify 2020


Track: All Tracks
Artist: X.Y.R.
Release: Labyrinth
Label: Not Not Fun Records


Track: Untitled 05
Artist: Bellows
Release: Undercurrent
Label: Black Truffle

Track: Homes
Artist: Direwires
Release: SEQUENCE3
Label: FutureSequence

Track: Slowtempest
Artist: A Asher Yates
Release: Tantra VIIII
Label: Neontantra

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