Used Parts Galaxy :: Caterina Barbieri 17th Aug 2020

Caterina is a Berlin-based Italian composer who explores themes related to machine intelligence and object oriented perception in sound through a focus on minimalism. Our focus on this edition is her 2018 release, Born Again in the Voltage. This is an astonishing collection of electro-acoustic pieces for Buchla 200 system, cello and voice composed and produced by Caterina Barbieri at Elektronmusikstudion in Stockholm (SE) between 2014 and 2015.

Track: Vista del Ojo
Artist: Mausam
Release: Vasant
Label: Already Dead Tapes

Track: 01
Artist: Giuseppe Ielasi
Release: Five Wooden Frames
Label: 12k

Track: Light From The Window
Artist: Masahiro Takahashi
Release: Omnipresent Windows
Label: Jj Funhouse

Track: Wolfe Point Fog (Interlude)
Artist: M. Sage
Release: Catch A Blessing
Label: Geographic North


Track: Pampas Grass (excerpt)
Artist: Philip Sulidae
Release: Tupik
Label: Dinzu Artefacts

Track: Ghosts of Shanghai
Artist: Trevor Powers
Release: Capricorn
Label: Fat Possum

Track: In Autumn
Artist: Kris Keogh & Endurance
Release: In Autumn
Label: Provenance

Track: Untitled
Artist: Venn Rain
Release: Digital Natives / Journey Of Mind / Xiphiidae / Venn Rain (Split)
Label: Sunk Series

Track: Dark Tropics
Artist: Arrowheads
Release: The Loneliness of the Deep Sea Diver
Label: Lost Tribe Sound

Track: Respira
Artist: Andrea Porcu/Music For Sleep
Release: Mellotron Works
Label: Rohs! Records


Track: All tracks
Artist: Caterina Barbieri
Release: Born Again In The Voltage
Label: Important Records


Track: Counterfeit Reflection
Artist: Caboladies
Release: Renewable Destination
Label: Students of Decay

Track: good as gold
Artist: Joe Talia
Release: good as gold
Label: Amplify 2020

Track: Part 1 (excerpt)
Artist: Auguste Vickunaite & Hugo Esquinca
Release: Works For Electromagnetic Tape & Digital Signal Processing
Label: Klammklang

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