Used Parts Galaxy :: Black Elk Quartet 18th May 2020

The Black Elk Quartet was formed after a long gestation in 2010 by Ian Hawgood and Tim Martin. Ian had been working alongside Danny Norbury and Clem Leek for a while, and after deciding to bring their works together, created ‘Sparks’ in 2012 alongside vocalist Aki Tomita.

This is simply beautiful, atmospheric music.

Track: Meditation [Spirit Cleanse]
Artist: Charlie Dreaming
Release: Meditation [Spirit Cleanse]
Label: Inner Ocean

Track: A Promise
Artist: Madeleine Cocolas
Release: Ithaca
Label: Room 40

Track: Absent
Artist: Peter Bark
Release: Astral Ecotone
Label: Drift Label


Track: Máquina Natural (Charango y viento)
Artist: Tomás Tello
Release: Embraced and Reassured (A Compilation of Field Recordings)
Label: Warm Winters Ltd.

Track: Part 1
Artist: Sebastiano Carghini
Release: Habituated By Reason
Label: Dinzu Artefacts

Track: Ofrö Dvaler Till Vissnad Ört
Artist: Semilanceata
Release: Själablomster – Paraflorala observationer i ljud och ton (Compilation)
Label: Hibiskofon


Track: The Diamond Cutter
Artist: Jackdaw
Release: Imaginational Anthem vol. 8 : The Private Press
Label: Tompkins Square

Track: Asphodel
Artist: Evan Miller
Release: Transfigurations on Lap-Steel Guitar
Label: Arbor

Track: Earth Heart
Artist: YlangYlang
Release: You might want to burn some sage
Label: Self Released


Track: All Tracks
Artist: Black Elk
Release: Sparks
Label: Koen Music


Track: Lines
Artist: Loscil
Release: Faults, Coasts, Lines
Label: Self Released

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