Used Parts Galaxy :: Nigel Samways – Forest of Robots 19th Aug 2019

A beautiful small run cassette is the focus on this edition of the program from composer Nigel Samways. Released by Japanese label Ginjoha in 2013, the simple blurb on the label suggests “Amazing imagination goes endless! sci-fi soundscape inspired from Asimov. His work embraces electroacoustic, improvised and drone based compositions. As well, new releases from Wilson Tanner, Private Agenda, Giovanni Lami and Comit.




Laurence Pike   Rites Holy Spring

Wilson Tanner   My Gull II

Private Agenda   P.S.R. Île de Rêve

F.S.Blumm & Nils Frahm   Day One Four Tag Eins Tag Zwei

Giovanni Lami & Glauco Salvo   b2 Ife

Giovanni Lami   XXXXXX Raw

Giuseppe Falivene   Spazi Vuoti/Empty Spaces Visions

Sortlegeme   Awe II Awe

Nigel Samways   Forest Of Robots (Settlement Beta) Forest of Robots

Nigel Samways   Forest Of Robots (Settlement Alpha) Forest Of Robots

Akhira Sano   Friend Kalo

Comit   Meadows Remote Viewing

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