Used Parts Galaxy :: Tricorn and Queue 1st Feb 2021

Tricorn and Queue are the duo of Jeffry Astin and Kane Pour. Their cassettes to me are like magic. Their compositions have been described as such, “This is a deep river of milky neon haze. This is the wallpaper in a baby’s room coming to life” It’s the kind of music I like to lose myself as I listen. We’ll feature an obscure self released CDR that was limited to 8 numbered copies. Yes, really.

Track: Pantheon, Rome
Artist: Rodney Waterman
Release: Twelve Fantasias for Solo Recorder
Label: Self Released

Track: Gone for a Wander
Artist: Dominique Dumont
Release: People On Sunday
Label: Leaf Label

Track: The Soft Flight of Surrender
Artist: Hentopan
Release: Music For Sleep
Label: Self Release

Track: Les Mondes Imaginaires
Artist: Francesco Giannico
Release: Les Mondes Imaginaires
Label: Time Released Sound

Track: Rustling Of Reefs On The Shoreline
Artist: Reece Thomas
Release: 2172019
Label: Radiant Dawn

Track: City Circles
Artist: Subespai
Release: City Circles
Label: Chemical Imbalance

Track: Untitled 01/Untitled 02
Artist: Tricorn and Queue
Release: Preserves To Mosaic
Label: Self Released

Track: In All Due Deference
Artist: Jim O’Rourke
Release: In All Due Deference
Label: Matière Mémoire

Track: 10
Artist: Riccardo Bandi
Release: Shores
Label: Dinzu Artefacts

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