Used Parts Galaxy :: Pole (repeat) 20th Jul 2020

Pole, aka musician, producer and mastering engineer Stefan Betke, has released the remastered reissue of his debut album releases, 1, 2 and 3, collated as a box set and out now on Mute. Taking his name from a defective analogue Waldorf 4-Pole filter, the broken machine’s distinctive crackles gave Pole the starting point for his equally simple and subtle sound layers. Rhythmic textures and warmly pulsing bass lines join in play and from Pole 2, there’s a slow shift towards Minimal Dub. Our feature work on this edition, Pole II in full.

Track: Aeckt Wetting Shower
Artist: Xiphiidae
Release: Waning In Archaic Color Sequence
Label: Vanishing Hour Revival

Track: B2
Artist: Xiphiidae
Release: Sewn Within A Circle
Label: Housecraft Recordings


Track: Linen Garden Part 1 (Featuring Hammock)
Artist: Slow Meadow
Release: Slow Meadow
Label: Hammock Music

Track: Grey Mountain With A Smoke Around Landscape
Artist: Monotronique
Release: Come Here And Touch This Darkness
Label: Holy Geometry

Track: Baizubai
Artist: Phil Struck
Release: Schleswig-Holstein Aufnahmen
Label: Seance Centre

Track: The Role of Purity
Artist: Sapphire Slows
Release: The Role of Purity EP
Label: Self Released


Track: All tracks
Artist: Pole
Release: Pole II
Label: Mute


Track: Ele
Artist: Vladislav Delay
Release: Ele
Label: Sigma Editions

Track: Tankpark
Artist: Mouse On Mars
Release: Glam
Label: Thrill Jockey

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