Used Parts Galaxy :: Richard Youngs – House Music 20th May 2019

Not “House Music”in the sense of Dance Music, this is an incredibly beautiful electro acoustic work from a man who is hard to classify, Richard Youngs. Released on Japanese imprint, Meme, House Music utilises objects that were a part of the dwelling where Richard lived at the time. It incorporates oven tray, clock chimes, drainpipe, fire, chimney, radiator, room, wine bottle and wine glass.


Kassel Jaeger   Serpentine Mosaic Le Lisse et le Strié

Bug Bus Piano   Fare Evade Jurassic Period Dishwasher

Melquíades   No Pursuit, Just a Feather in the Plains, Descending Keep A Seed

offthesky   Open Tongues Illuminate

Hainbach   Tremors No Need For Rain

William Ryan Fritch   All the Feels Deceptive Cadence: Music for Film, Vol. I & II

Lost Tribe Sound   Momento Oltre

Richard Skelton   Towards A Frontier (i) Towards A Frontier

Richard Youngs   Hilary House Music

Richard Youngs   Fire Realm House Music

Richard Youngs   Regent House Music

Richard Youngs   Frigid Air House Music

Qasim Naqvi   Mrs 2E Teenages

M. Geddes Gengras   Hawaiki Tapes Kalapana

Gimu   The Silver Passage Missed A Silent Stroll On Sombre St.

Chihei Hatakeyama   Metropolis Afterimage

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